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Sooty Flame Nipple is Loose #50
Needle is Broken #68
Tighten with spanner
Replace Needle
Flame Ring Around Mantle Regulating screw in wrong position or
nipple/nozzle is loose.
Turn screw vertical to vertical position
tighten #50 and # 3.
Fuel on Vaporizer #152 Vaporizer upper part leaky #152
Vaporizer lower part leaky #153
Valve washer 193 is leaky and spring #194
Renew upper part
Tighten sleeve nut
Replace washer #193,#90, and spring #194.
Glass Chimney turning white Gas mantle is defective Replace mantle
Flame is pulsing Pressure too low in container, or clean out container #118. Dirt in fuel. Extinguish, pump again, relight lamp
Kerosene on container Vaporizer upper part leaky
Vaporizer lower part loose or leaky
Pump valve is defective
Nipple is loose
Renew upper part
Renew lower part or renew washer
Replace valve or washer
Tighten with spanner
Fuel in pump barrel

Pump valve is defective

part #10

Replace washer, #17,#83,& spring #18
Pump will not function

Leather washer too dry

or O-ring is bad.

Scrape washer & lubricate with oil. or replace O-ring
Piston Comes out of Barrel( rise up.)

Pump valve defective

part #10

Replace pump valve #10 or rebuild w/ #17,#18,#83
Pressure comes from container Pump valve is defective
Screw on gauge open
Vaporizer valve defective
Replace Pump valve
Tighten screw
Replace valve
Does not burn Pressure in tank too low
Nipple is blocked
Old fuel
Wrong fuel
Pump more air
Turn hand wheel 360
Replace with fresh
Use fresh Fuel of choice.
Light is dim (not full brightness) also see below "When lantern starts with good...ext. Pressure is too low
Nipple is blocked
Nipple is loose
Gas mantle defective
Regulating screw at wrong angle
Not enough Fuel in tank.
Pump more air
Turn hand wheel 360
Tighten with spanner
Change mantle
Turn screw vertical
Extinguish, refuel, relight again
Preheater stutters Pressure is too low or high
Preheater nipple blocked
Not enough fuel in tank

Pump or release air
Clean with cleaning needle
Extinguish, refill, & relight again

Clean out Tank

Light Fluctuation or

Flaming Mantle

Dirt in tank small


Clean out tank 3-5 times at

least. Use water or fuel.

“When lantern starts with good pressure and full of fuel… light dims.   so I turn the #111 from 6 O’clock to 12 O’clock then back and there’s good light…. but then drops back dim again …lantern sputters and sometimes goes out, but full of fuel and good pressure.”

Part #152, #101 and #50 needs to be cleaned. Or…. replace #50 

Remove Part #152. Take off part #50 (try to clean out #50, with brake cleaner .

Clean the #152 (scrape it out with a wire, or use a .22-caliber brush used for cleaning weapons. Scrape off the #101, and sandpaper it down to shiny brass. Clean all these parts with brake cleaner or carburetor cleaner. Clean parts #101 and #152