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Lighting a Petromax lantern using alcohol


Add pressure in tank (part #118) using part #6. Pressurize to 2 to 3 on the gauge ( part #149). (If you are using alcohol fuels in tank, then pump to 1 on the gauge(part #149). See photos below for using pump system:

Petromax lanterns and BriteLyt lanterns

Step2 :

PHOTO BELOW: Add alcohol into bottle (part #67) & fill alcohol cup (part #35).


PHOTO BELOW: Light alcohol in cup (part #35), with a match. Allow preheating.


PHOTO BELOW: Preheat cup (part #35). Allow fuel to burn. You may be required to fill cup 2-6 times(for all fuels, except alcohol fuels). When using alcohol fuels, then you can preheat 1-2 times using cup (part #35).


PHTOTO BELOW: Turn part #111 (knob), from 12:00 O'clock(up) to 6:00 O'clock(down). Lantern should light. If not, then add alcohol to cup (part #35), and preheat again.



Add pressure as needed see below photo: