This is Curtsey of the:

Leaking fuel somewhere around the on/off valve.

How This Part Works:

Because the valve stem can be turned inside the valve housing, there cannot be a "solid" connection that is air-tight. To stop any air or fuel from escaping there is a graphite "packing" on the valve stem. The valve stem nut is keeping the packing very tight against the both the nut and the stem and fuel/air is kept from leaking out. In the picture below note that the red (fuel) coming out of the fount stops at the tip of the valve stem. Fuel cannot turn right into the lantern or stove because the valve stem is shut off. Nor can it turn left, because the packing is sealing the escape route off.

For more information go to our Theory of Operation chapter.

Why it is Not Working Properly:

After years and years of on-and-off turning the valve stem packing may just wear out. Or, if the appliance is stored over long periods with fuel in it and pressurized the packing will saturate and become useless. Or, lastly, the valve stem nut may just loosen up and allow fuel to pass by the packing.

How To Fix It:

Often times you can simply tighten the valve stem nut a quarter or half-turn to re-seal the packing. The picture below shows a wrench applied to a stove tank's valve stem nut. Location of this nut on a lantern would be the same: directly behind the valve wheel.

If this doesn't work then you'll need to replacing the valve, the stem or the valve stem packing. If you do wish to any of these please refer to our Rebuild Instructions.