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Lots of old Coleman papers and exploded views****
Dating a Coleman lantern*

Theory of operation*

Rebuilding a single mantle lantern I

Rebuilding a double mantle lantern I

Rebuilding a modern double mantle lantern IV
Rebuilding a double mantle lamp IV

CheckValve removal

Trouble Shooting

Coleman 242 Fuel/Air/Valve/Generator parts

Lighting a Coleman lantern II

Lighting a Coleman Quick Lite/MilSpec - Tips

Lanterns Generator List Feb-2009 II

Lanterns Generator Gas tips sizes List Feb-2009 II

Stoves Generator List Feb-2009 II

Kerosene Conversion (220) 

Coleman "Made in England" info page

Modern Globe Chart III

Globe Logos

Modern Mantle Chart III

Mantles info

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III Coleman official site
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