I have done some HTML work and I have a huge collection of icons scripts and more saved somewhere

But as part of my camping/lanterns/stoves collection I think these things might interest you


to download:

I.E. users - right click and select "save target as"

FireFox - right click and select "save link as"

Please do not link these to other sites as my bandwidth is limited - you are more then welcome to copy these

a Lantern


Some stoves

Camping stuff


Navigation Bar

If you liked the navigation bar I use on my web site

Well Its not my design and its free - so go ahead and use it


image viewer

An excellent script on a nice site I found

Lightbox JS is an elegant, unobtrusive script that overlays a larger version of an image on the current page for display when clicked on- an image thumbnail viewer if you will. It's a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers.

There is a lot more there so go and have a look.

A great Software to create browsable thumbnails albums - if you are designing an image website think of this one!