Doron Papo's Lanterns Site-coleman collection

This is quite an uncommon "Made in England" 249 Coleman lantern I have decided to dedicate a special page for it.

This page have a lot of big images and may take some time to download.

here is the image all I had in the pack

what is missing is:

Coleman tool, funnel and alcohol bottle

(If you have any spare for trade/sale let me know)

Direction manual   


Click the small images on the left to download a big JPEG image in which you can see the directions page

The UK mantle pack

No 999


The Pyrex globe logo

The exploded view of the lantern

(taken from manual)

The "Made in England"

stamp on the fount

Here is a very good restoration of the original box image

Done by Neil McRea

you can compare this image and the original image on the box in the images above.

if you are interested you could press the image to download a real size box image

The lantern itself :)

No show is complete if the lantern is not burning.

The lantern was found in a very good used condition and its doing what its suppose to do very well at the age of more then 50

(here with a Coleman modern replacement globe)