Doron Papo's Lanterns Site-coleman parts

[A view of Haifa]


My name is Doron Papo and I‘m from Haifa, Israel.

As one of my hobbies I collect and use pressure lanterns from around the world.

To my best knowledge I am the only collector in Israel, there may be more collectors around but I haven’t encountered one in person or online.

From the way the lamps disappear from the flee markets I assume there are users (or buyers) here but still, no other self-proclaimed collector.

Lanterns are very hard to come by in Israel and usually expensive relative to the states?, So sometimes I hunt eBay for lanterns and parts.

One of the finest attribute of collecting pressure lanterns is the community spirit. Through this hobby I made many worldwide friends and I hope to someday meet them in person.

This is an addictive hobby and a fun way to pass the time.

Well this is it for now.

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